Partnership Discovery delivers quality, curated lists of proven potential marketing partners, including affiliates, influencers and other brand partnerships to your inbox. Vetted, curated, and proven, Partnership Discovery will save you thousands of hours (and dollars!) by delivering full contact information on up to 30,000 partners who are actively seeking brands to promote.


Cosmetics / Anti-aging / Skin care
Hair care / Procedures (botox, etc)


Diets / Exercise / Supplements / Apps
Disease (diabetes, cancer, stress, etc)


Dogs / Cats

Food & Drink

Coffee, Water, Wine, Meat, etc.


Outdoor Recreation, Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Fishing, Surfing, etc.


Sports, Pets, Oils, Pain Relief, Gummies, Creams


E-Bikes, Electric Scooters


CRM, ERP, Accounting, Email Marketing, Project Management, e-Commerce, Social media, SEO


Self-defense, Tactical, firearms, Preparedness, etc.

We save you time AND money. You and your team will no longer waste time researching and digging through thousands of websites trying to find high quality affiliates and performance marketing partners. Instead, you’ll spend your valuable time actually contacting and having conversations with the owners of websites who have already shown an interest in your offer category, because they already run affiliate and performance based offers.