You want your experience with Partnership Discovery to be as risk-free as possible…and that’s our goal as well. That's why we GUARANTEE the quality of the records you receive from us. We don't use bots to “scrape” questionable, potentially inaccurate data, then pass it off to our clients as valid. Instead, each and every record is guaranteed to be human sourced, hand vetted, and a real live affiliate or influencer. Now, can we guarantee they will be open to your offer and become an affiliate? No. Nobody can do that. But we can guarantee the Partner records you secure from us will be the best quality, most responsive leads you can find anywhere, or we will personally make it right.

Rick Magennis and Marty M. Fahncke, the Founders of Partnership Discovery have a combined 35+ years in the Affiliate/Performance Marketing space, consulting and advising hundreds of companies, and generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue along the way.

We believe so strongly in quality of our data, we put our names on it.

Rick Magennis

Rick Magennis is an 11-year affiliate marketing veteran. In his decade-plus experience, he has been on both sides as an affiliate and affiliate manager. Since 2011 he has managed over 100 affiliate programs and onboarded hundreds of thousands of affiliate partners.

Through his extensive experience in working with affiliates, he has collected a database of over 60,000 affiliate partners. Knowing how difficult and time-consuming it is to find high-quality affiliates he knew the market needed a solution. The solution is Partnership Discovery. Helping affiliate managers and brands recruit new affiliates is the main purpose of Partnership Discovery by providing curated, vetted lists of proven affiliate partners with all their contact information. All the hard work has been done and Rick is just providing a much-needed solution.

A few other highlights...

  • Affiliate management agency owner
  • Judge for the 2022 Global Performance Marketing Awards
  • Podcast host of The Rick Magennis Show - an affiliate management focused podcast

Marty M. Fahncke

Marty has been in the Affiliate Marketing space since 1999, when he started one of the earliest affiliate marketing programs in existence, which he eventually grew to 28,000 affiliates generating millions of dollars in revenue. Since that time Marty has continued to build affiliate programs, train and teach others about Affiliate marketing, and established a long and undeniable reputation for quality and excellence in the world of affiliate and performance marketing.

A few other highlights...

  • Long time Board Member of Affiliate Summit, the largest Affiliate Marketing conference in the world
  • Emcee of Affiliate Summit in 2014
  • Top-rated speaker/educator in the Affiliate Marketing space
  • Marty is continually featured on digital marketing and affiliate marketing podcasts, growing audience and influence in the Affiliate Marketing space

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